Welcome to your new Neighborhood

The Buckley precinct forms both the gateway to, and the heart of, the Hobsonville Point community. The first precinct to be developed starting in 2008, it is now home to over 200 families, and counting.

Homes at Hobsonville Point


Hobsonville Point has been designed with community in mind. With parks, cycle tracks and safe, flat roads, this new suburb is great for people of all ages and boasts its own farmers market, restaurants, cafes and schools.

Positioned North West of Auckland on the site of an old Air Force base, Hobsonville Point is one of Auckland's newest and most desirable communities. The location is just the start of the amazing comforts Hobsonville Point has to offer. 

"Our Construction Manager was amazing. He’d email religiously on a Friday to let us know what they’d achieved that week. I was often too busy to reply, but he never missed a Friday!”